To keep abreast of the ever-changing health care ecosystem, we proudly present Perspectives Summit Series–a thought-leadership platform exploring timely and provocative insights, trends, and points of view about the dynamic landscape and implications for the pharmaceutical industry.

Through Perspectives, we convene forums and garner insights on the truths that we discover in managed markets, reimbursement, and patient access to care.

McCann Truth Central is our global intelligence unit dedicated to unearthing the macro-level truths that drive people’s attitudes and behaviors about life, brands, and marketing. Our team of trend and insight experts regularly author global studies packed with actionable perspectives that are as creative as they are analytically sharp.

McCann Truth Central has conducted over 20 global studies including Truth about Doctors, Truth about Wellness, and Truth about Global Brands, just to name a few.


The Looming Threat of Alternative Funding Models

Read our perspectives on the looming threat of alternative funding models which focuses on how 3rd-parties are targeting employers with new methods to contain specialty drug spend by exploiting manufacturer patient assistance programs—putting multiple stakeholders at risk in the process.

Biosimilar PDF
Biosimilars in the US: Current Perspectives and Implications

Read our perspectives on biosimilar growth and how pharmaceutical manufacturers can respond.

The Rise of Health System-Owned Specialty Pharmacies

Read our perspectives on the growth of system owned specialty pharmacies and how pharmaceutical manufacturers can explore new partnership opportunities with these emerging customers.

The Impact of COVID-19 on Patient Access to Medicines

Read our perspectives on how patient access has been impacted and how pharmaceutical manufacturers can think differently about patient outreach to address patient financial challenges.

US Payers and the Impact of COVID-19

Read our perspectives on what payers are focusing on, the key implications, and how pharmaceutical manufacturers can respond.

The Impact of Nonmedical Switching on Health Care Costs

Read our perspectives on nonmedical switching and the implications for patients, physicians and payers.

Multiple Comorbidities and the Growing Rise of Complex, Costly Care

Read our perspectives on the costly rise of managing multiple morbidities, its impact to the health system and other stakeholders, and how manufacturers can respond.

Co-pay Accumulator Adjustment Programs: Are You and Your Customers Prepared?

Read our perspectives on copay accumulator adjustment programs–the latest PBM and health plan tactic to combat manufacturer co-pay cards.

Oschner Health Network Value Summit: Dialogues Towards an Architecture for Value-Based Care (2018)

Learn from physicians, providers, payers, and suppliers on shared value in the context of escalating challenges across the US healthcare system.

Health Care Trends Impacting Organized Provider Groups: Implications and Opportunities for Pharmaceutical Company Partnerships (2017)

Learn about the key trends impacting OPGs and how pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies can partner to optimize the delivery of patient care.